Managed IT And AV Systems: What You Should Know


In a time when a majority of business interaction is happening virtually, your audio-visual system has never been more important. However, one of the things that many business owners are discovering is that current AV systems are far more technical than they used to be, with network integration and other complex features. That's why many businesses are reaching out to managed IT service providers for help with their AV system support. Here's a look at some of the reasons why you should consider working with a managed IT services provider for your company's AV system.

Secure Communications

Network security is always a bit of a moving target that must be monitored consistently to ensure adequate protection. When you're relying on more AV system communication, as you do with increased remote work, your network security is a paramount concern. You don't want to risk having a third party breach your communications.

Managed IT service providers know all about the latest security concerns, patches, firewall protections, and more. They also have the professional training to apply those security measures to your AV and communication systems. Having a managed IT service accessible at all times can help you keep your company's communications privileged even when you're working all across the globe.

Easy Call Setup

Most managed IT service providers who offer AV system support also take responsibility for handling all of your call details, including scheduling, maintaining conference call bridges, ensuring adequate bandwidth, and more. If you work with a managed IT service, you can simply send your contact the details of the call that you need, and they will handle the rest. This saves you significantly in the time spent trying to set up and connect to the call.

Technology Upgrades

When your managed IT service supplies your audio-visual equipment as part of their maintenance and support agreement, you'll often get equipment upgrades on a regular basis. When new technology hits the market, you may receive this new equipment automatically as part of your managed IT service contract. This can keep your company at the cutting edge of communication technology, which ensures that you are more efficient and effective in terms of communication.

As you can see, managed IT services can be highly beneficial for your AV systems. Talk with a local managed IT service provider today to get the support that you need not only for your company's network infrastructure but for your audio-visual systems as well.


1 October 2021

Using Audio Visual Equipment for Presentations

Hi, my name is Mary Sinclair, and I want to thank you for visiting my website. For the past fifteen years, I have worked as a consultant in the field of public speaking. I have worked with corporate executives to entertainers, and just about every profession in-between. One thing I find to be important to anyone who is wanting to hold the attention of their audience is making use of both audio and visual effects. Some of us remember our school teachers using overhead projectors. This is one way to help your audience see what you are talking about. I am going to share with you some different types of audio visual equipment that I recommend for my clients. I hope you will find this information to be educational and useful. Thanks again for stopping by.