A Sewer Camera Can Help You Identify And Locate A Stubborn Clog


If you're dealing with a stubborn sewer clog you can't clear, there might be thick roots in the drain, or the drain could even be collapsed. It's impossible to know what's going on when you can't see inside the drain. The solution is getting a pipe camera rental so you can find out the condition of the drain and the location of the problem before you start digging randomly in your yard. Here are a few things to know about renting and using a sewer camera.

Features To Know About

One thing you'll want to check is the length of the sewer camera's power cord. If the cord is not long enough to reach an outlet, be sure to purchase a heavy-duty outdoor extension cord that's suitable for use with the camera. Check the instruction manual or ask the rental store about the right kind of extension cord to use.

Another feature you'll want to know about is the video out capability. This allows you to record the session to another device. This is helpful in case you want to ask the advice of a professional before you begin your DIY repairs. Remember to get the detecting wand that comes along with the camera so you can mark the location of the pipe as the camera moves through the drain.

Safety Considerations

The camera plugs into an outlet, so there is the risk of shock or electrocution if you don't use the tool carefully. Be sure the outlet you use is grounded and works in dry conditions. If the sewer drain has backed up in your yard, give it time to dry before using the camera. Also, you'll want to wear rubber gloves, since the line will be sliding along a contaminated sewer pipe.

When you pull the line and camera back out of the sewer drain, clean it as you go with an old towel. Wipe the camera with a soft cloth as well. Although the camera is in a protective case, it can be damaged since it is electronic equipment. Don't rinse it with water and don't spray the line off with a pressure washer or you might damage the equipment.

Using The Sewer Camera

To use the camera, you feed the line into your sewer drain and watch the video on the monitor. When the camera is in the drain, it emits a signal you can detect with a wand. The wand gives a reading of the depth of the camera and its exact location. That way, you can mark the entire length of the drain, which makes it easier to know where to dig up the pipe if necessary. You can also use the camera to pinpoint the location of the clog so you can attempt spot repairs and save some digging.

When you have a clog you can't remove with a snake, and you don't know where it is or what's causing it, renting a sewer camera is the best way to identify the problem. The information the camera provides helps you figure out the quickest and easiest way to make repairs.


23 June 2017

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