2 Ways To Liven Up Your Meetings


Nobody really likes sitting through long meetings. However, they are just a part of doing business. You have to meet with investors, your bosses, your employees, and co-workers. You can end up sitting in more meetings than you really want to. So, how can you keep the meetings a little more interesting so that no one dreads sitting in them as much?


When you watch TV or a movie, the soundtrack can influence how you feel about what is going on in the show. For example, the theme from Jaws builds suspense and can make you feel tense. You can do the same thing in your meeting, without having to go to John Williams. There is a variety of music that you can use, including those without rights that are available for everyone to use. You can use that music to help set the mood and help get people focus. One example is that you can use some really upbeat, pop-type music as people are coming into the meeting and getting settled. If you are gong to have a brainstorming session, you may want to use something like some soft classical music that can help fuel creativity. You don't want anything that can overwhelm the discussions going on, but something that can help the attendees feel relaxed and creative. 

Take a Break

The longer the meeting, the less productive it can become. However, sometimes long meetings are unavoidable. If you are going to have to have a long meeting, try to break it up into smaller chunks. Take a stretch break or some other kind of break. Of course, you can't always tell people at your meeting that it's time for a stretch, but saying that a 20 minute break for everyone to check their email or check in with their department will let people get up, stretch, get a drink of water, or whatever, which can help reset productivity. You should also make sure that you don't let everyone go hungry during the meeting. Provide a lunch break and maybe an afternoon snack break too. People always love having free food provided and feeding the people at your meeting will make sure that their blood sugar doesn't drop and make the meeting contentious. 

No one wants to have to sit in a meeting, but there are ways that you can make it more palatable to everyone who has to attend. For assistance, talk to a professional like WNAV Audio Visual.


14 June 2017

Using Audio Visual Equipment for Presentations

Hi, my name is Mary Sinclair, and I want to thank you for visiting my website. For the past fifteen years, I have worked as a consultant in the field of public speaking. I have worked with corporate executives to entertainers, and just about every profession in-between. One thing I find to be important to anyone who is wanting to hold the attention of their audience is making use of both audio and visual effects. Some of us remember our school teachers using overhead projectors. This is one way to help your audience see what you are talking about. I am going to share with you some different types of audio visual equipment that I recommend for my clients. I hope you will find this information to be educational and useful. Thanks again for stopping by.